Cafe Rio History

 The year was 1997. The town was a small town located in southern Utah is known as St. George. A beautiful couple called Steve along with Patricia Stanley started a restaurant known as Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. Cafe Rio served authentic dishes that were inspired by recipes and traditional dishes from the Northern Mexican Rio Grande region, Southern Texas along with New Mexico. At the heart of every meal was the idea that each ingredient should be freshly prepared and freshly prepared to be ordered. What's more? The people were awed by it. They couldn't stop eating it. In fact, one restaurant grew into six. In 2004, the six small restaurants attracted the attention of an elegant gentleman called Bob Nilsen. He bought Cafe Rio from the Stanleys with the intention to spread the love of fresh Mexican food to everyone who lives in and all over Utah as well as beyond.

He was certain to keep the motto "fresh food, made fresh" as the basis of the company. No freezers. No microwaves. No pre-made food items. It was all made by Mr. Nilsen has since moved away and a new set of chefs who are obsessed with quality have taken over the reins. Even today our team members still start each day early and bright with hand-squeezing lemons, hand-scooping avocados, chopping fresh veggies cooking sauces, and making the chef-inspired dishes our patrons have grown to love. her is full detailed cafe rio review

We're working towards spreading the joy that is Cafe Rio Mexican Grill around Utah and beyond. Go to our map of locations to locate Cafe Rio locations in your area. Cafe Rio near you.